UK election: what we learned working with Full Fact

To fight mis- and disinformation, we combined factcheckers with social discovery and verification specialists

When the election was called on April 18, we weren’t planning on taking part. It seemed pretty hard to organise something useful by June 8 and, having deployed the CrossCheck team to monitor the French election, our evaluation at the time was that misinformation was even less likely to spread in the UK than it had across the channel.

But by May 1, we’d changed our minds. Reflecting on the 67 stories we debunked during the CrossCheck project convinced us of two things:

  1. Disinformation comes in many forms. There wasn’t going to be a ‘Pope endorses Trump’ type fabricated article, but there would be plenty of exaggerations and misleading content on hyper-partisan sites, as well as memes, manipulated photos and videos.
  2. To fight mis- and disinformation, you need expert factcheckers working alongside social discovery and verification specialists. We hadn’t gone deep into the technicalities of factchecking during CrossCheck and we learned from France that it was something that we needed to do.

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(Article originally published on the 19th of June, retrieved on the 21st of June)

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