UK election: what we learned working with Full Fact

To fight mis- and disinformation, we combined factcheckers with social discovery and verification specialists When the election was called on April 18, we weren’t planning on taking part. It seemed pretty hard to organise something useful by June 8 and, having deployed the CrossCheck team to monitor the French election, our evaluation at the time […]

6 best 360-degree cameras

If you want your photography and videos to become even more immersive, then 360-degree cameras are for you. Whether you’re trying to capture a cityscape from a high viewpoint, recreate the experience of an amazing gig with footage that captures both the crowd and the band, or cover all angles while filming some extreme sport, […]

From fake news to misidentifying suspects: Best practices for tackling the misinformation ecosystem

In this keynote, Claire Wardle, who leads strategy and research at First Draft, will consider the whole spectrum of the misinformation ecosystem, and using research about audience behaviour and social psychology, will outline ways that newsrooms can start tackling the issues associated with fake news, hoaxes, misattributed and manipulated content that surfaces online. Read the […]

Which foreign manager is more likely to win the Premier League, according to data

After twenty matches the Premier League has four teams on top: Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester City. All of them have foreign managers who are young, bright and ready to chase the title. Antonio Conte, Jurgen Klopp, Mauricio Pochettino and Pep Guardiola are all highly skilled contenders. But looking at the data of the previous […]